AI meets cryptocurrencies: the first business-grade sentiment analysis for retail investors

NapoleonX, the first fully algorithmic, decentralized and scalable crypto-asset manager, is proud to be partnering with SESAMm, a French fintech specialized in Big Data and artificial intelligence for finance professionals, around its tool L’Humeur des marchés (‘The Markets’ Mood’), a revolutionary platform for predictive sentiment and emotions data. Analysis and data for Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, are now freely accessible on NapoleonX Platform. It’s the first time that such a tool is made available to individual investors and the general public.

L’Humeur des marchés leverages SESAMm’s triple expertise in Big Data, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. The platform performs real-time linguistic analysis on more than 250,000 data sources on the Web (press, social media, forums, blogs…) in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese…), in order to extract investors’ feelings, emotions (joy, anger, fear, surprise, sadness…) and opinion (bullish/bearish anticipation), and to visualize them in an intelligible form.

Investing in the financial markets without paying attention to sentiment can significantly affect one portfolio’s performance nowadays. Such a cutting-edge tool capable of transforming Big Data into smart data is therefore essential for developing performing trading strategies. This is even more the case for the crypto market, which is still of modest size ($300bn) and where most of the money comes from individual investors. Indeed, a recent study once again demonstrated how Bitcoin price is linked to public sentiment on social media.

As the financial marketplace rises in complexity, alternative data sets are becoming increasingly used in the financial industry, and leading financial companies such as Thomson Reuters already offer market sentiment data to major financial institutions such as hedge funds. However, no platform before NapoleonX had made them available to the general public and individual investors yet — and what’s more, for free!

Available for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) — the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization — with NapoleonX partnership, SESAMm’s groundbreaking platform will takes its natural place on the NPX platform among the features already available for retail investors: trading signals for traditional and crypto assets, market data, financial & crypto news, in-depth articles on finance, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Investors will then be able to more effectively identify and understand the behavioral biases that exist in the crypto market, to anticipate trends and to build innovative, multi-factorial behavioral investment strategies, thus diversifying their sources of alpha for crypto assets.

This is a genuine small revolution that puts the most innovative trading tools, once reserved for financial professionals, at the service of all.

NapoleonX is the first fully algortihmic, scalable and decentralized crypto-asset manager, founded by ex multibillions $ asset managers in Tier-1 banks (BNP Paribas, Natixis…). NapoleonX has done one of the largest French ICO of 2018 with more than €10m raised. With more than 20 proprietary and high-performing trading strategies, NapoleonX offers a unique range of solutions and services on the market by making anyone able to invest in both traditional and crypto markets (Bitcoin, Ethereum) via its Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs) — autonomous and decentralized investment vehicles which operate on the Ethereum blockchain. NapoleonX will be the first French company to get an Asset Management licence for crypto funds (green light from the French Regulator expected in September 2018).

SESAMm is a French fintech company specialized in creating innovative analytics for the financial industry. It brings together a triple expertise in Big Data, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to identify the complex relationships between alternative data and financial markets, coupled with a unique knowledge in quantitative analysis to generate new investment strategies, predictive indicators and trading signals. SESAMm has corporate clients worldwide (US, UK, Japan, France, Luxembourg…), including major asset managers and hedge funds.

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