Google Cloud and Digital Asset Launch Blockchain Developer Toolkit

The emergence of blockchain technology equips industries across the board with solutions for inefficient data storage, payment transfer and more. Keeping pace with blockchain’s surging popularity, Google joined with Digital Asset to bring users a developer toolkit for decentralized applications (dApps). Digital Asset Delivers Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Announced on July 23, 2018, New York-based startup Digital Asset partnered with Google to launch a comprehensive, full-stack software developer kit (SDK) for building out dApps on the Google Cloud platform. Digital Asset provides distributed ledger solutions to users through its Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML) platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which will be made available on the Google Cloud marketplace. Currently in private beta phase, the DAML SDK enables solution architects to build, test and deploy blockchain applications without the need to code the platform from scratch. In the official press release, CEO of Digital Asset and former CFO at JPMorgan Blythe Masters noted: “We’re

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