Litecoin, IOTA, Stellar Lumens, Tron, EOS Technical Analysis: Litecoin is Over-valued and EOS Fair Value is $676 Claims CoinFairValue

On a positive note, altcoins are on a recovery path and syncing with last week’s bulls. Not only are we seeing respectable gains in Litecoin, EOS and IOTA-which by the way is reversing from 90 cents, but the fact that LTC bulls are now retesting $90 is encouraging from a bull perspective. Hopefully, coin specific news would continue trickling in boosting prices in the process. Let’s look at these charts: EOS Technical Analysis

EOS Daily Chart by Trading View

You have to check this yourself but according to CoinFairValue, EOS’s fair value is $676! That right there means there is some serious EOS undervaluation and going by that analysis, investors should investing heads first. To elaborate, the site claims that their fair value evaluation of each coin is based on “growth expectation of the coin usage” and well, if we comb through the community, the only use of

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