Six tips to clear the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

What is CompTIA?

CompTIA basically stands for the Computing Technology Industry Association. It is more of a trade association, which is reputed for its provision of different certifications related to the industry of IT. CompTIA is considered to be the best trade association when it comes to the IT field. 

The organization offers different certifications pertaining to the information technology sphere in almost 120 countries of the world. In order to track industry changes and trends, this association conducts more than 50 industry studies every year. Since the establishment of the CompTIA association around 2.2 million people have earned different credentials provided by this organization.

What is CompTIA A+?

One of the major certifications offered by the company is the CompTIA A+ certificate. This credential was accredited by the ANSI back in 2008. CompTIA A+ is basically an entry-level certification, which is given to you provided you show basic competency as a computer technician. The certification encompasses numerous operating systems and technologies. According to the 2014 statistics, around one million people from different parts of the globe had received the A+ certification. It should be noted that this certificate is not permanent and expires after 3 years however you always have the option of renewing it.

Earning the A+ certification means that you can:

  • troubleshoot and solve different computer related problems
  • understand numerous issues related to operating and networking systems

How to clear the CompTIA A+ exam?

The CompTIA A+ certification is not that easy to get as it requires passing the exam. Clearing this test is not a piece of cake and you need to work hard in order to prepare for it. Below is a list of some techniques that may help you with this task.

01) Desktop computer

The CompTIA A+ certification exam involves different questions that may test your knowledge related to hardware. To prepare well for the exam, it is recommended that you should build your own desktop computer. Building your own computer will help you familiarize yourself with different computer components and hardware. It will also help you learn about computer RAM, MOBO, HDD, CPU, and GPU. The point is that you need to learn about your own computer personally if you want to clear this exam. Building own PC is not difficult and requires is little effort from your side.

02) A+ test lab

To clear the A+ exam, you need to get some practical experience. You can prepare a lot for this certification test however the best methodology is to fix your own computer. Run through the operating system of the computer if you want to get a true feel of it. The best thing that you can do is to build a test lab for yourself. It is not that difficult to build a test lab and it does not require a lot of money as well. A simple laptop will do the job for you. A normal test lab contains a desktop computer, some networking components and a monitor.

03) Study guide

As mentioned already, the certification exams are not a piece of cake and in the majority of the cases, they cost a lot of money as well. If you want to score well in this exam, then you can buy a CompTIA training course. Purchasing the course will give you access to a lot of learning resources. Of course, the guide can be quite expensive but to achieve high marks in the exam you will have to deal with it. You can also get free learning samples on the specific forums but they are certainly not as effective as the official study guide.

04) Videos

There are a lot of videos available on popular websites like YouTube which can give you a lot of information related to the computer basics. There are several computer professionals who release valuable video content on the CompTIA certifications. If you want to learn about the different aspects of the A+ certification, then it is highly recommended for you to watch his video guides at

05) Practice

If you want to clear the CompTIA A+ exam, then you need to practice a lot. There are numerous web sources which can help you with that. Try to create a real exam-like environment around you if you want to become successful. There are many professionals who have already cleared this exam and uploaded a lot of credible material on the subject on various websites. The sooner you download these materials and start practicing, the better.

06) Find a mentor

Many professionals have already obtained the CompTIA A+ certification and with the help of the Internet you can easily get in touch with such individuals. They can provide you with a lot of valuable information related to the exam and share their real experience which might be very helpful for you.  So take your time and get from these mentors as much training as possible.

The final word

The CompTIA A+ certification is not a bad certificate to have under your belt. It adds extra weight to your CV and also helps you in your job search. However, just like any other professional certifications, you need to make some hard efforts to gain it, but the tips mentioned above are easy to follow and can make the process considerably easier for you. You can get several other tips from other online sources.