Whitepages Pro Insight powered by machine learning

Whitepages Pro, a provider of digital identity verification, today announced Whitepages Pro Insight, a new and improved manual review solution designed to help businesses assess the identity risk of their customers, approve good transactions, and investigate fraud on a global scale. As the only global identity review solution that provides six ways to search, it enables users to balance accuracy and efficiency through direct workflow integrations, machine learning-informed insight, and robust analytics.

“Online businesses need sophisticated solutions like Whitepages Pro Insight to combat the increasingly sophisticated tactics of fraudsters,” said Whitepages Pro director of product management, Ajay Andrews. “Pro Insight gives our customers powerful fraud fighting tools informed by sophisticated machine learning and surfaces trends observed by our network of hundreds of customers processing millions of transactions. Our customers see up to a 40 per cent decrease in chargeback rates and a 50 per cent decrease in time spent per review with our solution.”

Within Pro Insight, users are first presented with Identity Review, a comprehensive interface verifying and cross-checking both digital and traditional identity attributes (name, email, phone, primary and secondary addresses, and IP) to verify the identity behind a transaction. The solution analyzes and presents the relationships between the five core identity attributes in several intuitive ways:

  • Confidence Score – An overall measure of the risk associated with a transaction that cross-references the five core identity attributes. The Confidence Score is powered by machine learning insights from billions of transactional patterns across the Whitepages Pro Identity Network and the 70+ data signals of the Identity Check API;
  • Positive and negative signals – A concise list of primary factors that influence a given Confidence Score.
  • Results columns- A detailed list of matches, mismatches, and invalid inputs based on the links between a transaction’s identity elements. Users can click on specific attributes to further investigate associated people, historical data, and more.
  • Distance Map – A visual representation of geographical distances between phone, primary address, secondary address, and IP address.

“Whitepages Pro takes the time to learn about our  manual review requirements and how they evolve over time ,” said Jamie Ceccato, risk team lead at online home improvement retailer Build.com. “In fact, we can see that our feedback is often considered as they make enhancements to the platform. We appreciate the company’s commitment to helping us keep pace with the speed of business.”

In addition to Identity Review, Whitepages Pro Insight offers several features increasing productivity and enhancing user experiencing including robust individual identity attribute searches, access to the eight billion data linkages in the Whitepages Identity Graph, administration tools, direct workflow integration with proprietary and partner platforms, dedicated customer support, and enhanced security. This provides fraud teams maximum accessibility and control to use the platform in a way that suits their workflows.

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