IOTA Price: Successful Surge Past $1 Paves the Way for a Good Weekend

Despite some initial bearish pressure, all cryptocurrency markets are still in a very good place. This situation cannot be sustained indefinitely, but it is a positive sign altogether. Most currencies enjoy a temporary gain, with the IOTA price going up by several percents. As such, its value is pushed back above $1. IOTA Price Makes a Comeback After a few rough days, it appears the IOTA price is returning to its previous price levels once again. With the value surpassing $1, things are looking relatively good for this popular altcoin. This is a direct result of the ongoing positive Bitcoin price trend, which is finally allowing altcoins to gain some lost ground as well. For the IOTA price, the past 24 hours have been relatively interesting. A strong 4.14% increase in value over a span of 24 hours is pretty solid, especially when considering how all other altcoins went up by

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