$1.8 Million in Bitcoin Seized from Alleged Silk Road Drug Dealer

Once plagued by a black market stigma, cryptocurrencies have risen from public uncertainty to global proliferation. Arrested in 2015, an alleged Silk Road drug dealer is now fighting to reclaim his 226 BTC worth over $1.8 million. Murky Regulations, A Fortune on the Line Canadian police laid claim to $1.8 million worth of Bitcoin seized from a convicted drug dealer operating under the pseudonym “MarijuanaIsMyMuse,” according to a report by The Vancouver Star. The report states that the unnamed man was arrested in 2015 after an odd occurrence led police to believe there was illicit activity in his household. Canadian law enforcement received a warrant to search his home and discovered approximately $100,000 worth of packaged marijuana along with several laptops and hard drive– three of which held various amounts of Bitcoin. Canadian police allege that the arrested man was operating a mail-order drug service through the dark web drug

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