TransferTo Partners with Stellar to Increase Payments Coverage in Underdeveloped Regions

U.K.-based cross-border payments processor TransferTo signed a partnership with the Stellar foundation, the entity behind Stellar Lumens (XLM), on July 25, 2018, to enable faster mobile payments in emerging markets. Augmenting Blockchain Networks in Developing Markets As per details of a press release, TransferTo has over 200 operational partners in 70 cities making use of the platform to facilitate cost-efficient and accessible for clients. The company believes its synergy with Stellar would help augment its operations in developing nations and while making cross-border payments cheaper. The partnership represents a win-win situation for both involved parties. Stellar network participants can now utilize TransferTo’s deep network in underdeveloped markets. The latter is said to have processed over 100 million transactions since its launch in 2005. Speaking of the development, TransferTo acknowledged Stellar’s protocol that boasts of speedy transactions and high-security data storage. Not considering hacks from third-party services, the Stellar network

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