CoinMarketCap Launches ‘Professional’ Paid API For Developers and Funds

Crypto data tracker (CMC) has launched a professional, paid API targeting developers and funds, according to an official announcement published August 1.

The new product, dubbed CMC Pro, aims to serve as a key “pipeline” that will provide accurate and differentiated data for developers and funds across crypto product prices, market capitalization, conversions, and trading pair data aggregated from multiple exchanges. According to CMC’s announcement, the new features offered on CMC PRO come at a fee, and are tiered between “hobbyist” access that starts from $79 per month to a “professional” contract that starts from $699 per month. This latter option is marketed as “best for scaling crypto projects,” and extends the available historical data across a five-year time span. CMC presents its new API as a response to the diversification of new crypto products as well as the rising number of institutional funds investing in the nascent industry. The project notes that

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