Interview With eToro CEO: Some Institutions Already Broke Into Crypto Market

Yoni Assia, the CEO of eToro, a major multi asset brokerage firm with more than eight million active users, has said in an exclusive interview with NewsBTC that some institutions have already broken into the crypto market.Institutional Investors are Already Present in Crypto MarketThroughout the past few months, prominent investors and analysts including BlockTower’s Ari Paul and Multicoin Capital’s Kyle Samani have emphasized that to assist the entrance of large-scale institutional investors into the crypto market, an institutional suite of products are necessary.Several custodian and institutional solutions have emerged in the second quarter of 2018, equipped with secure vaults, cold storage, insurance, and internal management systems to protect the capital of major investors.Consequently, the market has already seen a few institutional investors allocate capital into digital assets such as Bitcoin, and regulated financial institutions such as $89 billion investment bank Goldman Sachs have started to offer Bitcoin products to

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