EOS Price: Momentum Looks Bearish but may Turn Around Soon

Cryptocurrency markets are always interesting creatures. Their movements often make little to no sense, even though there are some general patterns which become apparent more often than not. It appears there may be some positive momentum later today, even though the EOS price is still struggling a bit as of right now. EOS Price Faces an Uphill Battle It is evident all cryptocurrencies heavily rely on Bitcoin’s momentum to note any real gains. In the case of EOS, the current momentum is not looking all that promising. Although this is also affecting all other cryptocurrencies on the market, the EOS price is often a strong indicator of how all other cryptocurrencies will evolve in the coming hours. Over the past 24 hours, the EOS price has lost 1.97% in value. It is not the biggest setback this altcoin has ever faced, nor will it be the last setback either. With a current

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