NEO Technical Analysis: NEO Market Cap Shrinks 85.7% From 2018 Peaks

Just like most coins in the top 10, NEO is sliding with Bitcoin. So far, it is down 19 percent on a weekly basis and as the dump continues, bears are likely to break below $25, our main support line and the lower limit of the $20 trading range. Remember, this erosion is happening at the back drop of solid fundamentals that are technically supportive of price.From the NewsPerhaps the announcement by the San Francisco based DCEX that it has plans of adding NEO and Cardano on top of their 15 cryptocurrencies on offer is a stand out. The exchange itself has XRP as its base currency and is just one of the many exchanges that see value and efficiency of adding XRP. Alphapoint will power the exchange.In a medium post, NEO said they will be partnering with an internet security audit firm, CertiK. As they collaborate, CertiK will look

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