Engineered Destruction: One Year Post-ICO, This Startup is Destroying All Issued Tokens Due to Market Speculation

Crypto risk management and inheritance platform Digipulse announced the total burn of all DGPT tokens at the end of 2018, citing speculation-driven fluctuation in token price as the key driver behind the complete elimination of the Digipulse token model. Only one year following the successful conclusion of an initial coin offering (ICO), the Digipulse platform, which aims to offer cryptocurrency investors an answer to the question “what happens to my digital assets in the event of my untimely demise?” announced that it will destroy all tokens issued.

ATTN: Digipulse token holders can:
👉 exchange their $DGPT for a share in the company (for 10k holders and above)
👉 become a ‘lifelong’ Digipulse Premium subscriber (proportionally to the number of tokens held). More info: #digital #inheritance

— Digipulse (@DigiPulseIO) August 2, 2018 Digipulse offers a decentralized vault storage that allows crypto holders to minimize the risk of losing their

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