44 Percent of Russians Have Heard of Cryptocurrency, New Survey Reveals

Almost half of Russians have heard of cryptocurrencies, and 13 percent claim to have a good understanding of them, a survey conducted by research holding Romir revealed August 7.

Romir, a representative of the Gallup International Association in Russia, asked 1,500 Russian residents about their knowledge of cryptocurrency, as well as their plans to interact with the industry. Of those respondents, 44 percent had heard of crypto, 13 percent said they had a good understanding, and 56 percent did not know what the word meant. The survey also noted that 31 percent of respondents answered that they can “imagine what cryptocurrencies are, but do not have an exact clear understanding of them.” Russia is in the midst of formalizing its regulatory approach to various aspects of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, including the taxationmining and exchange of digital assets. After years of mixed signals from lawmakers about the legality of Bitcoin (BTC) in particular, the first reading of the package of draft bills concerning cryptocurrencies

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