The Definitive Checklist of Necessary ICO Documentation

By now, most blockchain enthusiasts are familiar with the term “whitepaper.” After Satoshi Nakamoto’s seminal work on peer-to-peer electronic cash — the Bitcoin whitepaper — it has become almost synonymous with a business proposal in the space. It’s the first thing any individual or institutional investor will ask for since It contains the details of what, how, and why something is being developed.However, this doesn’t mean that whitepapers are the only necessary documentation a project should provide to ICO participants. Any savvy investor will dig deeper than first appearances and not take what a team proposes at face value. After all, if we are to take them as business proposals, then a fair amount of due diligence is required.Any serious blockchain startup should make this process much easier by providing supplementary documents that help investors get a better idea of what they’re getting into. More so, it should also

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