Gubernatorial Candidate Wants to Make Colorado a “Blockchain Hub”

The Democratic candidate for governor of Colorado, U.S  Representative Jared Polis, has added a blockchain policy to the list of issues of his gubernatorial campaign this year, according to an announcement on Polis’ website.

Having set a goal to establish Colorado as a “national hub for blockchain innovation in business and government,” Polis added a set of blockchain-related proposals to his gubernatorial platform on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

In his campaign, Polis advocates for implementing five blockchain-related initiatives, such as developing cybersecurity infrastructure to ensure the integrity of elections, and building a statewide ‘safe harbor’ to exempt digital currencies from state money transmission laws.

Polis also advocates for blockchain-based solutions in the state’s energy grid, the reduction of government bureaucracy while improving government services, and conducting a survey on further blockchain applications.

Following in the footsteps of Wyoming, which created a new class of assets in defining cryptocurrency as “Utility Tokens,” Polis says on his website that he will “work to establish legislation that protects

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