Hope for Crypto Recovery as Stellar (XLM) Leads the Way

FOMO MomentsCrypto land is still at the bottom, Stellar doing well, VeChain getting smashedThe hope in crypto land at the moment is that the bottom has been reached and a recovery will now begin. However we have seen bottoms before and they have repeatedly been followed by lower lows. Total market capitalization has inched back up today as some altcoins recover from their big dip.Bitcoin remained above $6k and has climbed back 1.7% on the day to trade at $6,450. It could form a strong reversal if it can climb back to the critical $6,800 level over the weekend. Market dominance has just surpassed 49% indicating more strength in Bitcoin than any of the other cryptos. Ethereum has not benefited from any market recovery and is still flat on the day at $360 which is below August 2017’s peak price of $400.Only Stellar is making any significant moves in the

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