Bitcoin Eclipses 50% Crypto Market Dominance For First Time Since December

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Bitcoin has long been at the forefront of the crypto industry; and it seems with the market’s most recent move downwards, Bitcoin’s dominance over the rest of the market may continue, or at least for a little while longer.Bitcoin Dominance Surges Amidst Crypto DowntrendThe crypto market dropped by a collective 7% in the past 24 hours, but Bitcoin has been doing better than others. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has currently posted a loss of 5%, while cryptos like Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin have fallen by over double that percentage figure. However, the three aforementioned altcoins aren’t alone in their double-digit decline, with dozens, if not hundreds of altcoins seeing 24-hour declines that eclipse 10%.This widespread capitulation in altcoins has led Bitcoin’s dominance figure to surpass 50% for the first time since December’s BTC boom.But, this was not an overnight occurrence, with altcoins seeing a dominance pullback for the