In Rare Decision, ICO Founders Will Delay Crypto Paydays – For a Decade

In an industry that’s become synonymous with fast cash, patience can be a rare commodity. That makes a little-discussed announcement last week by the Nebulas project, powered by the top 100 cryptocurrency NAS, all the more remarkable. The team behind the protocol, today valued at $64 million, will now voluntarily wait a decade before they can get their hands on the blockchains’ tokens they’ll earn for their labor – seven years longer than they had originally planned. In December, the Beijing-based team raised $60 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) for a general purpose blockchain with additional features that they believe will accelerate development and market adoption. In the original token allocation, 20 percent of the initial supply (or 20 million NAS tokens) were set aside for the team and founders to be gradually released over a three-year period. But based on a blog post published last week, the

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