IOHK Calls Out Ethereum’s Casper Protocol In Favor of Own “Ouroboros”

Based on two social discussions over Reddit, H.K.-based IOHK, the parent company of Cardano and Ethereum Classic blockchains, released a detailed comparison between Casper and Ouroboros, two proof-of-stake protocols. IOHK Hits Out Starting with the fundamentals, IOHK noted that Ouroboros is duly analyzed and contains a formally specified assumption for ensuring security guarantee. The proofs, model designs, and mechanism descriptions are all made public, thus making protocol properties, correctness proofs, and underlying assumptions open for scrutinization. The Ouroborous protocol, as written in the official statement, is said to provide the “strongest possible guarantees” regarding the stakes validating transactional operations. For the purposes of this comparative study, IOHK referred to the original version of Ouroboros published in 2017, including a majority of comments from Praos and Genesis updates, and the Friendly Fidelity Gadget (FFG) white paper for Casper, published in 2017 as well. IOHK pointed out the absence of published, publically

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