Major Crypto Exchange KuCoin Hong Kong Offices are Empty

In a recent Medium post by Hong Kong independent journalist Jackson Wong, the reliability and safety of KuCoin as a crypto exchange was called into question.  In the report, titled “WARNING: KuCoin’s Hong Kong office is empty. Be extremely cautious about depositing money into this exchange,” the reporter expressed his concerns that popular crypto exchange KuCoin could be pulling an exit scam as their Hong Kong offices are empty.Long Held Suspicious Regarding KuCoinWong began his report by recapping his previous concerns about the KuCoin exchange, discussing that he feared they would become illiquid during the next crypto crackdown by the Chinese government.  He claimed that the exchange apparently survived the “hit” by staying under the radar.Wong then went on to discuss that he feels that KuCoin has always been suspicious because it was home-grown in Hong Kong. Wong claimed that within the Hong Kong community he has never heard of the exchange,

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