Ethereum (ETH) Technical Analysis: Scam Artists Minting Millions as ETH Hodlers Suffer

All in all, Ethereum (ETH) bears are in charge as the last two week’s price action clearly shows. However, this is happening at the back of good development not only in Ethereum but in the crypto verse. So, while traders will naturally gravitate towards the sell side of the trade, long term holders should cherish this drop and look to ramp up buys when the time is right.From the NewsThe allure for quick money is big business especially in these uncharted waters of crypto and as scammers are actively demonstrating, Ethereum is a fast street for big dollar. It’s so serious that these give-a-away scam artists managed to clone Elon Musk’s account and while we don’t know how many took the bait, the ball park could be in the millions.It is so bad that Vitalik had to change his Twitter handle and including the “Non-giver of Ether” tag as a

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