Noah Coin is Attempting to Enter the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Noah Coin (NOAH), which ranks 143 in the cryptocurrency market with a capitalization of $33 million, is seeking to enter the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) by taking control of China-linked company Beat Holdings.Having worked to distance itself from Bitcoin et al., the Japanese exchange operator feels “troubled” with the news, according to one official.Noah Coin May Enter Japanese Bourse By Taking Control of Listed CompanyHong Kong-based cryptocurrency firm Noah Ark Technologies and top shareholder of Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company Beat Holdings – with a stake of nearly 15 percent of the business – has proposed a name change to “Noah Coin.” It has also proposed the issuance of new shares and share acquisition rights in order to obtain more than 50 percent and gain control over the company.The proposal made in June has caused distress among Beat Holdings shareholders as well as the Tokyo Stock Exchange, according to

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