Token Forum Ushers In New Age of Blockchain Excitement in Seattle

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Although 2018–full of steep price drops and unfulfilled crypto promises–has been a difficult year for the cryptocurrency market, innovators, investors and legislators continue to build and plan for a blockchain-based future. Jonathan Gagliardoni is the CEO and founder of Token Forum. Jonathon Gagliardoni hosted the first Token Forum Seattle on Aug. 9 at the Columbia Tower Club, bringing together a group of crypto industry leaders, experts and advocates for a deeper look into blockchain’s most important topics. Featuring panoramic 76th-story views of Seattle and over 200 blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, an event of this caliber was long overdue for the city and promises to be the first of many for the region. The inaugural event focused on advanced topics and was geared toward blockchain industry professionals. By targeting a savvier audience, there was a strong emphasis on creating networking opportunities. Peter Vessenes, CEO of New Alchemy and the first chairman of the