Vanishing KuCoin Office Worry Investors, Fate of Major Crypto Exchange

Investors of KuCoin, a major crypto exchange, are expressing their concerns regarding the mysterious disappearance of KuCoin headquarters in Hong Kong. Where Did KuCoin Go? Earlier this week, Jackson Wong, a cryptocurrency researcher and journalist based in Hong Kong, released an investigative report on the headquarters of KuCoin, which are supposed to be based in Wan Chai Hong Kong, at 300 Lockhart Road, Kiu Fu Commercial Building. Building in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, photograph by Wong Over the past few years, KuCoin has supposedly occupied the 20th floor of Kiu Fu Commercial Building leased out by “Smart Team International Consultants Ltd” as its official headquarters indicated on its platform. In the report, Wong stated that he personally visited the Kiu Fu Commercial Building in Wan Chai, Hong Kong to verify that the 20th floor remains the headquarters of KuCoin. Wong rang the bell, asked employees on the 20th floor and

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