Will India Finally See Cryptocurrency Regulations in Place By End of 2018?

Cryptocurrency regulations in India have been a source of uncertainty for the markets since the government’s unprecedented tirade against crypto that began this past April. However, it’s reported that the government is now likely to finalize some common sense regulatory measures starting in late 2018.A finance ministry panel devoted to the issue has found that the main problem with cryptocurrency regulations is how to define and separate the blockchain from its cryptocurrency counterparts. The Indian government has taken a friendly stance towards blockchain technology, but is still slow to adopt similar opinions towards cryptocurrencies.The finance ministry panel, which is operating under the department of economic affairs, was expected to release its proposal on cryptocurrency regulation in July. That proposal has since been delayed for an unforeseeable amount of time.An unnamed government official working on the finance panel spoke to Quartz India, saying:“Blockchain is an interesting thing. We definitely want

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