Arthur Hayes’ $5,000 Prediction Draws Ever Closer As Market Drops

Cryptocurrency price predictions have become as plentiful as trees in a forest, but many never come to fruition. Nonetheless, with the crypto market’s move lower, some have begun to believe that Arthur Hayes’ $5k prediction could be in store for Bitcoin.From $5k To $50k — Arthur Hayes’ Extreme Bitcoin PredictionArthur Hayes, the CEO of BitMEX and a passionate cryptocurrency proponent, has not been one to back down from a tough question. When queried about his prediction for the price of Bitcoin come the end of 2018, Hayes stated, albeit somewhat jokingly, that Bitcoin will reach $50,000. As reported by NewsBTC, he doubled down on this sentiment in late June, drawing attention to the potential for a positive regulatory decision that could bring the price of the foremost digital asset past $50,000. Hayes stated:“Absolutely [I stand by $50,000 prediction by 2018]. I think something [bitcoin] that goes up to $20,000 in

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