Coders Renew Efforts to Fork Mining Giant Bitmain Off Siacoin Blockchain

New code is set to be released that would make obsolete the mining hardware designed by chip maker Bitmain for the decentralized storage protocol siacoin. Revealed in an email obtained by CoinDesk, Obelisk, a startup that aims to offer alternative mining equipment for the protocol, has proposed code would give those running the software the option to exclude Bitmain’s ASIC miners by changing the rules so the machines are no longer compatible. “This will give the sia community the ability to fork and could invalidate all non-Obelisk siacoin ASIC miners on the forked chain,” the company writes. The news is notable as it showcases how cryptocurrency communities are responding to the expanding business interests of Bitmain, the China-based mining giant that CoinDesk revealed last week is seeking to raise one of the largest-ever initial public offerings (IPOs). As detailed in investor documents, part of Bitmain’s pitch is the extensibility

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