Crypto Prices Have Nosedived, But There Could Be a Silver Lining

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Monday hailed in one of the worst days the crypto market has ever seen, with Bitcoin posting a loss of 6%, while altcoins fell even further. However, not all investors are worried, as some see that this nosedive is just another part of the tumultuous cryptocurrency cycle.CoinShares Executive: The Narrative Around Crypto Is Hard To GraspMeltem Demirors, a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Coinshares, recently appeared on CNBC’s “Fast Money” segment to comment on the state of the market.#bitcoin is stranded 78% from its highs, but @Melt_Dem says the #crypto crisis is building toward a major rally.— CNBC’s Fast Money (@CNBCFastMoney) August 13, 2018Firstly, Fast Money host Melissa Lee brought up a heavily contested debate, querying the Coinshares CSO on what is holding Bitcoin back from being known as a store of value worldwide. Demirors responded by drawing attention to cryptocurrency’s so-called “narrative,” stating:“The narrative around Bitcoin is