DMarket Brings Blockchain Innovation to Mass Gaming Audience

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Collaboration between the blockchain-based marketplace and a global entertainment giant benefits the whole gaming community.DMarket Token (DMT) finished in July as one of the top performing cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. Up nearly 300% at its peak, the DMT drew increased attention to the project it belongs to. DMarket is a global virtual items marketplace catering to the needs of the rapidly expanding video games virtual items industry. For those unfamiliar with the sector, it has raced past $15bn in annual purchases with double-digit yearly growth.Unlike the majority of ICO projects, which are usually based purely on raw ideas, DMarket conducted its token sale with an alpha/DEMO version of its product already in place. It happened last fall, and the marketplace has come a long way since then. It is now a fully-featured, up and running platform, where gamers actively trade digital items from such popular games as CS: