Fantasy Football League to Raise $100 Million in Crypto ICO

A blockchain startup wants to raise nearly $100 million dollars to create a new form of fantasy football. Called the Crown League, the project’s owner told CoinDesk on Tuesday that it seeks to form a professional fantasy football league, with 12 teams initially, which will collectively be owned by fans via the platform’s crypto tokens. In some respects, the league will act like other fantasy leagues, but it differs in being a single, unified entity operated by professional managers and owned by the general public. Dan Nissanoff, chief executive of CrownThrown Inc. – the company behind the Crown League – told CoinDesk that fantasy football at present is “incredibly fragmented.” “Nobody cares about other teams,” he said. This is in part because “there’s nothing to cover in fantasy today.” “All you can do is prognosticate who you can trade, who you can start, but you’re talking to millions of people who

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