Opportunities Keep Coming to the Blockchain Market

Ever since January 2018, blockchain enthusiasts have been weary about the state of the market. After a spectacular bull run, the price for one bitcoin reached a peak of almost $20,000. Now it’s trading between a $6,000 and $8,000 range, with most other blockchain projects trading at a 75% discount from their all time highs. However, those who have weathered similar storms before are confident that the budding industry’s best days are still ahead. Most cite recent developments that shine a bright light into the future and signal wider mainstream acceptance of blockchain investments. Just this week, New York Stock Exchange owner ICE announced that it is building a blockchain ecosystem. CEO Jeffrey Sprecher previously said crypto trading was a “trend we can’t ignore.” Other Wall Street giants are also joining in. Goldman Sachs plans to offer custody for blockchain funds. The firm’s newly appointed CEO David Solomon

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