Social Casino Game to Bet on Cryptocurrencies

Europe-based KamaGames will launch its own token to allow its more than 100 million players a new, easier alternative to purchasing in-game chips. Trading in Ethereum for Chips KamaGames, a European operator of social casino games, is set to make purchasing in-game currency simpler than ever as it prepares to launch its own blockchain token, dubbed KamaGames Token. According to VentureBeat subsidiary GamesBeat, KamaGames Token will utilize both existing blockchain technology and Ethereum and will be available as a collection of in-game chips. KamaGames initially intends to offer $25 million worth of tokens, which can be purchased via fiat currency of Ethereum.. Additionally, the company shared that in-game chips will grow daily, delivering 11 times its original purchase value in virtual chips if held for 36 months, and players that leave their tokens untouched will be rewarded; however, KamaGames Tokens can only be cashed out for in-game currency. Andrey

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