30% of UK Firms Hit by Crypto Mining Malware in a Month: Survey

Almost a third of U.K. businesses said they had been hit by cryptocurrency mining malware within the previous month, according to new research. In a survey published by Citrix, almost 60 percent percent of responding companies further indicated they had found mining malware on their systems at some time in the past, with the vast majority of those instances (around 80 percent) being in the last six months. As reported by ZDNet, the research also found that 60 percent of afflicted firms said less than 50 computers had been infected, while a tenth said over 100 machines had likely hosted illicit mining code. Crypto-mining malware, which has ballooned in popularity among cybercriminals since last year, is hidden software that infects victims’ devices, harnessing their processing power to mine cryptocurrencies. Mining code can also be concealed within websites to tap visitors’ devices for the same purpose. Recent reports have indicated that

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