Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis: Wormhole Protocol and Smart Contracting BCH Bulls

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As pitched, Bitcoin Cash is the new Ethereum all thanks to the Wormhole protocol which will make smart contracting and asset tokenization a possibility. Now, could this fact alone be the reason why BCH is up 10 percent in the last day? Or are BCH on a path towards recovery because of the market wide rejection of lower lows. Let’s wait and see if there is support behind these Bitcoin Cash buys.From the NewsAre developers of Bitcoin Cash, the fourth largest coin in the world taking advantage of Ethereum’s vulnerabilities to forward the benefits of the BCH network? It looks like so going be recent developments. Of course talk of smart contract capabilities were thrashed by Bitcoin core because of Sybil attack fears but Roger Ver want to change that perception and prove them wrong.With wormhole protocol, the network might be some few steps away from making smart contracting at