Blockchain VC Firm Pithia Inc. Signs Investment Deal with Lucidity

Blockchain startups are disrupting industries worldwide through solutions for data transparency, storage and security. On Aug. 15, venture capital firm Pithia confirmed an investment deal with blockchain startup Lucidity. RChain Ecosystem to Support Lucidity Venture capital firm and RChain Cooperative partner Pithia Inc. has announced an investment in Lucidity. Through the investment, Lucidity, a scalable blockchain protocol aimed at resolving inefficiencies in the digital advertising data industry, plans to expand its operations and engineering departments as well as launch international marketing campaigns. The total investment amount was not disclosed. Lawrence Lerner, CEO of Pithia, expressed excitement for the firm’s fourth major investment: “There’s a lot of speculation in the blockchain ecosystem but very few real-world uses. By focusing on market-ready solutions like Lucidity, we are incubating the future of the industry and supporting companies that will impact millions on businesses and consumers in the years to come.”

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