Boost for businesses and AI growth as hCaptcha launches in China

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An advanced web technology to be rolled out in China will provide a new revenue stream for Chinese businesses and help grow artificial intelligence (AI). Called hCaptcha, the technology is a simple website embedded code which rewards the website owner when a user verifies themselves as human. CAPTCHA technology was originally designed as a security test that only humans can pass, to help distinguish real human users from bots and spam. More recently however, it has found broader application as a means of improving AI for tech giants. As hCaptcha founder Eli-Shaoul Khedouri explains: “More than a billion CAPTCHAs are completed every day, often producing valuable data for companies like Google. We want to ensure the website owner shares in the value created by their users.” “Most people don’t realise that every time they ‘click on the car’ when logging onto a website they are helping to train Google’s