Despite Recent Market Downturn, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Remains Bullish

Brian Armstrong, chief executive of San Francisco-based Coinbase appears to be unfazed by the market’s undisguised downturn, and has stated his cryptocurrency exchange was signing up 50,000 new members a day last year. After shedding $60 billion in one week, market capitalization now has late investors firmly in the red. Early adopters may also be recording double-digit losses as Ethereum falls back to September 2017 prices and Bitcoin eyes dipping below the 70 percent retracement level. Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) may easily find footing in a bear market; however, Armstrong seems to believe that the technological prowess of cryptocurrency will be the cure-all for worried investors. Speaking at the Bloomberg Players Technology Summit, the Coinbase co-founder stated: “This technology is going through a series of bubbles and corrections, and each time it does that, it’s at a new plateau. People’s expectations are all over the map, but real-world

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