Dusk Foundation Partners with Kryha to Immerse the EU in the First Blockchain Consortium to Tackle Privacy

Amsterdam – August 2018 – Dusk Foundation, the not-for-profit blockchain research organization, is announcing its partnership with Kryha, the project and management company responsible for the development of blockchain-based products. Kryha and Dusk Foundation will complete the technological roadmap of the Dusk Network, its decentralized infrastructure that secures privacy-enabled financial transactions, data sharing and asset ownership transfers among peers, and promote its capabilities within the European Union. Dusk Foundation is the leading company and coordinator of the European consortium, aiming to develop and implement the Dusk Network technology. The Dusk Network provides users with an unsurveilled platform, promoting freedom of self-expression and economic initiative using a cryptocurrency that is centered on privacy. Through the Dusk Network, Dusk Foundation reconciles the right to privacy with regulatory compliance by enabling the proper confidentiality for a variety of use cases, from a surveillance-free solution to blocked communication and data transmission, to KYC-enabled issuance and

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