Phoneum uniquely combines Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Time (PoT)

Recently we have been made aware of Google banning cryptocurrency mining apps in their Google Play Store. This comes on the heels of Apple banning mining apps a month ago. We, at Phoneum, applaud this decision. Sometimes cleaning house is required in order to re-establish credibility. Gone will be the apps that overheat phones, destroy battery life, mine in the background without permission, or make promises that can’t be delivered. Unfortunately, we fully expect that our app will be thrown into this basket, without fully understanding the capabilities or the science behind ‘Phoneum’. But we also believe that as the word gets out, acceptance will come. And with that acceptance, the ability to truly mine on a smart mobile device. Ivan Likov, the founder and lead developer on the Phoneum project, has spent years creating an algorithm that can mine on a smart mobile device, just as one would while

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