Report: Cryptojacking Coincides with Crypto Popularity, Monero the Choice Currency

As cryptocurrency popularity boomed towards the end of 2017, other, more illicit, things came about as a result of the crypto boom. In 2018, one of the most prevalent and popular forms of malware attacks is cryptojacking, where malicious actors utilize the CPU power of unsuspecting computers to mine cryptocurrencies.Cryptojacking Becomes Increasingly Prevalent in 2018According to a report by cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks, the popularity of cryptojacking has coincided with the rise in cryptocurrency popularity, sky rocketing towards the beginning of 2018.Part of this popularity is due to the discreetness of the attacks, as most victims won’t ever know that their computer has been used to mine cryptocurrency. The only noticeable changes to a crytpojacked computer are lower processing power, potential overheating, and running fans.The Palo Alto Networks’ report explains that the rise of cryptojacking malware coincided perfectly with the growing popularity of crypto that began in June

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