BCN Announce Launch of Unique Crypto Exchange Platform

The BCN “Bitsmo Crypto Exchange” is a platform that is connected with 30+ of the most popular exchanges and aims to connect the world through blockchain, as well as connect users to the best prices in the crypto- market. 01/08/18- Start-up BCN “Crypto Exchange Platform” Bitsmo is proud to announce the launch of its all in-one digital currency exchanging platform. The Bitsmo exchange platform is unique and different from previous other crypto platforms in the market today, as it is more secure and faster than most, and is currently the only platform that is connected to over 30 other exchange platforms. Bitsmo Crypto Exchange as a platform helps its users to maximise their profits because it connects them to the best prices in the crypto- market. Bitsmo Crypto Exchange provides deep order books that enable its users to get the best selling or buying price in the crypto-market. Bitsmo also

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