Coinbase’s CEO Wants to Manage Bitcoin Adoption Expectations

As the cryptocurrency markets suffer from what appears to be a prolonged bear market, investors are looking towards long-term prospects that could aid the price. However the CEO of Coinbase has a warning for anyone getting too excited about widespread Bitcoin adoption in the near future.Bitcoin’s price is currently sitting at $6,400, up from weekly lows of $5,950 on Coinbase. As Bitcoin’s price fell, many altcoins were pushed to yearly lows, including Ethereum (ETH) whose price dropped to around $250, and Litecoin (LTC) whose price hit lows of $51 earlier this week.Altcoin and Bitcoin investors alike are looking towards upcoming developments like the Starbucks, Microsoft, and ICE Bitcoin payment provider in order to maintain hope for future success.Widespread Bitcoin Adoption Could Take YearsWhile speaking to Bloomberg at a San Francisco tech summit, Brian Armstrong spoke about cryptocurrency adoption, saying that he thinks “it will be quite some time before you

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