Cryptocurrency trading is no longer hard


Cryptobulls Exchange is making cryptocurrency trading an unforgettable experience.

The ultra-secure platform supports buyers and sellers of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and various others and pairs Bitcoin with more than 30 other cryptocurrencies, many added after customer input.

Why choose Cryptobulls Exchange? Our many strengths include a clear, direct interface, multi-factor security framework, and responsive user experience. And as we become more popular, our growing exchange system, high liquidity and easy-to-use API will be welcomed by new and experienced traders. Added features including edge exchanging, the FIX API and PAMM technology make the trading experience an optimal one.

We are made arrangements to guarantee an incredibly supportive and constantly stable exchanging condition, engaging our clients to create and grow exceptional cryptocurrency portfolios in a strikingly rapid, fundamental and safe way,” said Shasha Gupta, CEO, Cryptobulls Exchange.

Special features make Cryptobulls Exchange different from any other. New traders earn rewards for exchanging tokens and can use them for exchange rebates on in trades for other cryptocurrencies.

While dark exchanges where people can private trade cryptocurrency or participate under a pseudonym, Cryptobulls Exchange ensures all activity is legally compliant. Addresses will be linked with a client’s profile, and governments will receive appropriate information so as to protect everyone against fraud, money laundering, and other illegal behaviours.

Clients will need to register with the username and password they received from their financial institution that is linked to their Cryptobulls account.

With the availability of more than 30 top cryptocurrencies and a simple, easy-to-use interface with all of the latest innovation, Cryptobulls Exchange is the perfect option for a pleasurable cryptocurrency trading experience.