Plz No Cat: The Future of Crypto Disputes Is Being Decided By Doges

Could you sneak a cat past the doges? That’s the idea behind a new game launched by Kleros, an ethereum-based startup that raised $2.5 million in the first round of its crypto token sale in July. Called “Doges on Trial,” the game is designed around the principle of crypto-economics: the theory that a properly designed system of incentives based on cryptocurrency tokens will yield the desired user behavior. In this case, Kleros wants to incentivize people using the platform to curate a list of images … of doges. For the uninitiated, “doge” is a meme of an apprehensive-looking Shiba Inu. It’s captivated the internet, giving birth to a particular method of mangling English (“so scare,” “why this happened”), as well as a dedicated cryptocurrency, dogecoin, whose community is known for its playful antics. So, while you might expect “Doges on Trial” to be much the same – just a fun activity to bring

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