Daily Recap: Crypto Market Surges as Tokens Including VeChain Spike 50%

The cryptocurrency market has shown a marked recovery from its bearish mood which saw Bitcoin drop below $6,000 to a near 2018 low. While Bitcoin stands at $6,500 today – an increase of over 2% in 24 hours, crypto analysts say that only an upward movement above key resistance at $6,675 would indicate a bullish reversal.Several other cryptocurrencies have also witnessed a significant upward price movement in the last 24 hours. Ethereum, at $300, is up by over 4% today, while Ripple has grown by nearly 8%. However, the top crypto performers have risen by 20% or more. Lisk, Ontology, Nano, and Verge have spiked 21%, 37%, 32% and 29% respectively. VeChain has shown the strongest recovery with a price rise of nearly 80%.VeChain’s surge stems from its impending listing on Coinbase, among other factors. VeChain’s X Node binding service has closed, and the VET token swap service in

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