Ethereum Foundation Grants Update – Wave 3

Ethereum Foundation Grants Update We’ve been hard at work getting to know so many amazing people and projects, and are extremely excited to announce the recipients of the Wave 3 of the Ethereum Foundation Grants Program! We kicked off 2018 with a blog post to galvanize scalability research for first and second-layer solutions. Since then, we’ve committed over $11M to 52 projects dedicated to advancing the Ethereum ecosystem. Grants have funded multiple plasma and state channel implementations, diverse client research, enhanced developer frameworks, security audits, and so much more (find them all in the previous posts: Wave 1 & Wave 2)! A Look into the Selection Process Since the Grants Program has picked up, we’ve received feedback requesting greater transparency into our processes and a deeper look into the various types of projects considered. Here’s a funding snapshot and grant process update: Funding Snapshot layout: post published: true title:

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