StellarX Co-Founder Details Why ICOs Shouldn’t Be Held on Ethereum in New Research Paper

A StellarX co-founder has released a new research project that describes why ICOs shouldn’t be held on the Ethereum network.

While we finish up StellarX, we wanted to share a research project on Ethereum we did earlier in the year. We ran our own at-scale load tests, and got scary results. — StellarX (@stellarxhq) August 14, 2018

‘The Great Filter’ The blog post kicks off by stating that Ethereum itself is not a bad technology but entrepreneurs have applied the platform to the wrong applications. The co-creator, who remains anonymous beyond the first name Christian, believes that if these projects don’t specifically adapt to Ethereum’s strengths, they will end up perishing. According to the report, all of the data was collected by the co-creator and his team, which spent $13,000 running an “at-scale” app for 10 hours on the Ethereum network. Additionally, all of the

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