Why is Zcash 2.0 Sapling Release Important for Private Crypto Transactions?

Privacy cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) announced the release of their 2.0.0 version on August 16th, introducing the first Sapling-compatible version of the Zcash node software.  The privacy currency also added several other notable features in the newest software update, including an important fix to the peer banning bug that came about following the previous Overwinter update.The update included other minor fixes and additions to the Zcash network, including backport upstream improvements, various bug fixes, and an update to the mainnet checkpoints to improve the speed of initial synchronization.What is Sapling and How Does it Improve Private Transactions?Sapling is the next major upgrade of the Zcash network and is scheduled to go live on October 28th of this year. The update comes after two years of the Zcash team conducting a plethora of tests and updates in an effort to improve the functionality and performance of encrypted transactions.The key feature of

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