Bitcoin Technical Analysis: SEC Testing The Waters With Bitcoin ETNs

Bitcoin ETFs is not yet a yes from the main US regulator, the SEC. However, as things stand, there is Bitcoin Tracker One and though it is tradable via broker’s OTC market, investors can now invest their USDs in Bitcoin. Nevertheless, technical are not that positive and still oscillating inside a descending triangle with triggers at $6,800 on the upside and $5,800—the base of our triangle to the downside. Since prices are in between, we consider taking a neutral approach. From the News Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs are yet to become a reality for US investors keen on sinking their hard-earned capital to this coveted security instrument. However according to boosting news from Bloomberg, NASDAQ Stockholm is now creating opportunities for investment through exchange traded notes or ETNs called Bitcoin Tracker One. These ETNs are now tradable at US brokerage accounts via an Over the Counter market as

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